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Vittles: noun (plural) vit•tles \ˈvi-təlz\ - food and drink.

Vittles was established in 2015 as an annual food festival for Accra/Tema residents;a celebration of food and drink, which brings together the best eateries and food products in and around Accra, against a backdrop of music and food-related entertainment.

‘Foodies’ in Ghana get to meet top chefs and cooks in the country, learn new recipes, engage in exciting competitions, and shop for unique and well-priced ingredients and products, during “Accra’s Three Tastiest Days”. The founders’ vision was to host an exciting, family-friendly event that caters for the multiple and diverse interests of all persons within the capital and beyond.Consequently, the concept has expanded beyond an annual food festival to include quarterly two-day bazaar-styled events called the Vittles Souk.

What sets us apart?

It’s all about food! - Just as the [Vittles] name suggests, our event is entirely focused on food and drink, with all auxiliary activities designed to directly involve patrons in cooking and eating

Health and safety – the standard event setup involves majority of cooked-food vendors being provided kitchen sinks with flowing water to ensure basic hygiene in food preparation. Hand wash stations with liquid soap and tissues, and garbage bins are provided at vantage points for event patrons for the same reasons. We also engage the services of private security, janitorial service providers and emergency services (fire and ambulance) during the events.

Costs – our vendor stalls are available at extremely competitive rates, offering excellent value for money, compared to similar events.

Children – our event set up includes a dedicated area for children, with professional service providers offering play and care services at reasonable charges; ensuring that families are able to enjoy the event as a whole.

Who is involved?

Event Partners – we prefer the tag of ‘partners’ instead of ‘sponsors,’ since we find ways to integrate products, services and activities of such corporate institutions into the actual event, in exchange for their support, both in cash and kind. Our previous partnerships include global anti-poverty organization, The Hunger Project, Coca-Cola, British Airways, Airtel, Onga and the African Regent Hotel.

Food Service Industry professionals – our vendors are varied, including large restaurants, small cafés and grills, private chefs/caterers, industry suppliers and entrepreneurs. Our competitive events have also attracted students and faculty from catering/vocational institutions.

Everyone – the diverse nature of our vendors and the food they offer (everything from sweet to spicy, African to Caribbean, hot to cold, etc), means that all tastes and interests are catered for.